DIY Yardstick Christmas Tree, as seen in Franklin Lifestyle Magazine

1. Make base triangle whatever size you want. Cut sticks to length with hack saw or miter saw. Hot glue base together or use wood glue. 

2. Lay out yardsticks as you want on the base frame and mark cuts. 

3. Cut to length.

4. Paint as you wish. 

5. Glue separate pieces to base.

The following is optional-

6. Add stencil painted letters, if you want.

7. Sand it with fine sandpaper using vertical strokes.

8. Add a white wash by only using a little white paint well spread out onto a chip brush. Apply with vertical swipes of the brush.

So many ways to make this unique. It's ready to hang on your door with a 3M hook. Place it on your mantle with your other holiday decor, or hang it on a nail in the wall. Another option would be to add a yardstick cut to a point to the back of the piece to put it in your yard or next to your door.

Check out the article here.